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HW Refrigerant Reactor

  • Tubular fixed-bed reactor
  • To produce refrigerants like R125 and R134a
  • HW-RR125/134
  • HW
  • HW-RR125/134

HW Refrigerant Reactor Overview

Refrigerant Reactor Introduction

Among the reacting materials for production of refrigerant like R125 and R134a, HF is a highly toxic and corrosive medium, which is harmful and could lead to leakage. 

To solve this technologically demanding problem, HW has successfully developed the refrigerant reactor units with our expertise in design and welding of inconel and Q345R materials.

As of today, HW has sold more than 50 sets of refrigerant reactors to the world.

Refrigerant Reactor Application

All HW's reactors are sold in unit which include all the necessary accessories to operate the reactor. A typical HW Refrigerant Reactor include the following equipment:

  • Refrigerant reactor

  • Salt bath cooler

  • Superheater

  • Salt pump

  • Salt regulating valve

  • Salt balancing valve

  • Electric heater

  • Evaporator

  • Steam drum

  • Motor

  • Rupture disc

  • Static mixer

  • Flame arrestor

  • Nozzles

  • Electric actuator