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HW Purification Filter

S22053 Filter for 6μm Copper Foil Production Line
  • HW-S22053F
  • HWCB
  • HW-S22053F

HW Purification Filter Overview

Purification Filter Introduction

HW has strong design and processing capacity of high pressure non-standard equipment, which are widely used in various fields.

HW Purification Filter is mainly used for purification or filtration of materials with low solid content at 0.3um-0.8um filtering accuracy. It's widely used in industries like environmental protection, lithium battery, precious metal smelting, pharmaceuticals.

Purification Filter Functions

As an efficient means of solid-liquid separation and purification, HW Purification Filter works by pressurizing materials to form a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter medium, solid materials are intercepted to form filter cakes, and liquid passes through the filter medium to form filtrate for discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation and material purification.

HW Purification Filter is fully automatic, the recovery rate of solid materials can reach more than 99%, the moisture content of filter cake is low, and the stripping rate is high.

For example, in production of ternary cathode materials for lithium batteries, the filtrate from material filtration in the water washing section contains 1-3% ternary cathode materials, which will cause huge economic losses if discharged directly. On the other hand, the cost of heavy metal sewage treatment will increase after ternary cathode materials enter the filtrate. After using HW Purification Filyter, more than 99.5% ternary cathode materials in the filtrate can be recovered, with good economic benefits.