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Huawei Chemical & Biologic Engineering Co., Ltd

Since 2000, Huawei Chemical & Biologic Engineering Co., Ltd (HW) has developed into a professional manufacturer of standard/non-standrad pressure vessels and equipment, catering to the needs of both domestic and international clients in the fields of petrochemical, salt chemical, sugar making, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, new engergy, environmental protection, etc.
With strong R&D capacity, HW has aslo become an innovation-led company. Now HW has 22 invention patents, 25 utility model patents, ASME-U Stamp, Chinese A1 and A2 pressure vessel design and manufacturing licenses, , ISO9001 certification and other related qualifications., and the capabilities to tailor the products according to clients' needs and take their business to the next level.
Today in China, HW is the biggest player in chemical reactor market, holds the most share in crystallizer market and rises as a new star in press filter market. In international market, HW has sold many products to more than 10 countries including India, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Finland and keeps exploring to serve more international clients.

Our Advantages



Well-staffed R&D team and close ties with top academies in China that make innovation viable. 


Well-established networks that ensure all weather supply of raw materials.


Well-trained personnel that honor the mission and make clients’ vision happen against disruptions.


Well-made products that demonstrate prime quality and bring ecomonic benefits to clients.