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Chemical Reactors

HW has made an in-depth study on the fluid flow and heat transfer mechanism in the tubular fixed bed reaction system by using fluid heat transfer technology, mastered the core technology of the reaction system, and developed a variety of chemical reaction system products.

HW has successfully developed and delivered 50,000-80,000 tpa phthalic anhydride reactor, 6000-70000 tpa maleic anhydride reactor, 6,000-100,000 tpa acrylic acid reactor, 120,000 tpa methacrylate methyl acetate reactor, 120,000 tpa chlorophthalic anhydride reactor, 30,000 tpa acrolein reactor, 20,000 tpa hydrocyanic acid reactor, 10,000 tpa cyanopyridine reactor, 10,000 tpa pyridine reactor, 10,000 tpa trimethylpyridine reactor, 3,000-5,000 tpa R134a/R125 pyromellitic dianhydride reactor, 2,000 tpa anthraquinone reactor, 2,000 tpa naphthalene anhydride reactor, 1000 tpa trimethylphthalic anhydride reactor, 10,000 tpa acetonitrile reactor and other fixed bed reaction systems.

HW can also customize various and multi-series reaction systems according to clients' needs. As the solution expert of the tubular reaction system in China, HW has made increasing achievements in delivering large-scale reaction units. The largest tubular fixed bed reactor developed by far has exceeded 9 meters in diameter, the number of heat exchange tubes has reached more than 50,000, and the weight exceeds 700 tons.