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7th World Oil and Gas Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion

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Opening ceremony of 7th World Oil and Gas Equipment Exhibition

Photo credit: China Innovation Petroleum Union Exhibition Co., Ltd.

In 2022, the 7th World Oil and Gas Equipment Exhibition (WOGE) opened on November 8 and closed on November 11 in the summer city of China, Haikou.

WOGE is an export-oriented world oil and gas exhibition, aiming to provide a professional platform for suppliers and buyers of the global petrochemical equipment industry with seven docking services, including "accurate meeting, technical exchange, product display, new product release, material procurement, factory inspection, and full tracking", and provides one-stop professional procurement and exhibition services for global buyers to connect with Chinese petroleum equipment enterprises.

WOGE shows the world the latest products, technologies and services in the field of oil and natural gas, and it is an important exhibition platform for international oil and gas chemical equipment enterprises to develop the BRI oil and gas market in a multi-dimensional and precise way.

WOGE has successfully toured Oman, Russia and Iran for six times, serving 500 exhibitors and 3000 VIP professional buyers. The whole industry chain covers multinational oil companies, oil and gas field owners, oil service companies, refineries, large chemical plants, crude oil and product oil reserves, LNG processing plants and terminals, LNG reserves, upstream, midstream and downstream EPC engineering companies, urban gas companies, national and local oil and gas pipeline operators, exploration and production and chemical planning and design institutes, private chain gas stations, etc. in 24 countries around the world.

With the aim of basing itself on Hainan and radiating the markets of Central Asia, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, the 7th WOGE invited vendors from all over the country to participate in the exhibition, covering oil and gas exploration and production equipment, complete and supporting technical equipment for petroleum and chemical industry, chemical pipeline, fluid machinery and equipment (pipeline/pump/valve).